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A spring in my step: New Year in Marseille

I try to spend each New Year’s Eve in France, if possible – and this year will be no exception. Last night, I booked a mini-break in Marseille to see in 2017.

Damon and I will be spending Christmas with our parents again this year. His dad died last year, so his mum is on her own. My parents live about 20 minutes’ away from her, and we often combine a trip to one with a visit to the other. Working on the principle of the more, the merrier, we’ll see them all in one go.

Afterwards, we’ll have a few days before we go back to work, so we thought we’d reward ourselves with a short break in France.

Without a car, our usual destination, Bergerac, would be a struggle, unless we were to put ourselves at the mercy of friends. I’m sure they’d oblige but a bigger town would be easier and give us more independence.

It didn’t take us long to pick Marseille, France’s second city. Neither of us has ever been there, so it’s a chance for us to explore somewhere new.

“There are fireworks in the old port on New Year’s Eve, and we will be well placed for those”

Not only that, but as city breaks go, it’s a bargain. Even at that time of year, EasyJet are practically giving away flights, and we’ve booked ourselves a rather stylish apartment though AirBnB (pictured).

I’ve been reading up about Marseille. Apparently, there are fireworks in the old port on New Year’s Eve, and we will be well placed for those…

The city has undergone a bit of a transformation in recent years, since being designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. With plenty of good restaurants, museums and shops in Marseille, I think we’re going to enjoy ourselves greatly…

Plus, let’s face it, 2016 has been a rubbish year. The deaths of so many great stars, especially Victoria Wood, have had me in tears. As a European, the Brexit vote has shaken me to the core.

So, with a sojourn in Marseille planned, 2017 is looking more appealing than ever.

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10 thoughts on “A spring in my step: New Year in Marseille

  1. What a great idea!

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  2. Damon on said:

    Really looking forward to our trip, the first of many, hopefully!

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  3. You mentioned not being able to go where you might’ve wanted to because of not having a car. Last summer we solved the problem of the horribly expensive French rental cars by renting one from a private party for 7 weeks through at 1/3 of the cost. Covered by insurance etc. Great deal.

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  4. Sob…will miss you again!


  5. How wonderful


  6. Rachel Michener on said:

    Hi there, my fiance and I plan on doing the same thing- except we are starting in Paris and doing a road trip down to Marseille for NYE. However, I heard they were not doing a fireworks display this year, is this true? The pictures of past years’ displays looked fantastic, so it would be quite a disappointment if they weren’t…


  7. Hi there! My fiance and I were planning on doing the same thing- but we were planning on starting in Paris and road tripping down to Marseille. However, I heard they were not doing a fireworks display this year. I hope this isn’t true bc pictures from years’ past displays look amazing!

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