Calendar of French firemen 2017

Carry on: calendar boys

There’s nothing like a bit of titillation to please the British. Throw in some Gallic good looks and you have a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Which probably explains the sheer number of naked French calendars to have hit the shelves in Britain for 2017.

Those women at the WI have got a lot to answer for. Since their calendar made media headlines in the late 1990s, many other groups and professions have followed suit. Birthday suit, that is.

Let’s face it, they’ve taken to soft porn for hard cash.

It’s not just the inhibited Brits who are at it – the French aren’t far behind.

The first to shed their kits were Paris’ Stade Français rugby team. Since 2001, the Dieux du Stade, as they are known, have published a fresh calendar each year, plus accompanying books and making-of DVDs.

Their ball skills have drawn gasps of admiration.

Calendar Dieux du Stade 2017

Firemen are another popular fantasy, so a calendar of pin-up pompiers was never going to be long in the making. Its publication is likely to have prompted a rush of calls to the emergency services – with requests for the guys in the photos to shin up a tree and rescue a pussy in distress.

Their shiny helmets will bring a smile to many a face this Christmas morning.

Calendar of French firemen 2017

If you thought farmers were a bunch of ruddy-cheeked likely lads, you’d be right. Yes, French agricultural workers are now also the subject of their own calendar. The guys pictured certainly put the firm in fermier with their promise of a good, erm, fork.

Calendar of French farmers 2017

Carpenters, fishermen, judo players and- worryingly – even industrial workers have all followed the trend.

Calendar of French industrial workers

Bringing up the rear, as it were, is a new calendar for 2017. This one is of wine harvesters. Devised by the owners of the Domaine Marcel Lapierre in Morgon, Beaujolais, the calendar began with a print run of just 100 copies. Each was given as a gift to regular customers of the vineyard.

Calendar of French wine makers 2017

I’ve heard of needing a stiff drink, but that’s taking things too far!

Mind you, if Santa’s reading this…

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6 thoughts on “Carry on: calendar boys

  1. Why do none of the paysans around here look like those pin-ups?

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  2. …Sensible chap to keep his hat and wellies on…!

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  3. Now, why do none of our local agriculteurs look anything like that. I need to move to a better area😃

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  4. Sad to say the Quillan fire service calendar is a little less adventurous… though the young firemen who delivered the calendar to my door were good looking enough for it 😉

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  5. That last one is hilarious, intentionally or otherwise. And slightly disturbing as my son has one of those alpacaherder hats.

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