Escargots, une baguette et du Chablis

Home alone: a few of my favourite things

A weekend on my own can only mean one thing: snails. With Damon away, I can indulge my guilty pleasures – and les escargots are top of the list.

I knew I had a tin of escargots de Bourgogne in the cupboard. Damon can take or leave them. Me, I adore them.

However, even I have to admit it’s the garlic butter that I really love – and a crusty baguette from the local French bakery.

He was up in Scotland, first on business – carrying out end-of-year reviews with his some of team of homeworkers – and then visiting his sister and family. I was invited to go but, well, I like my sister-in-law and her clan, but they’re vegetarian, so snails would definitely not have been on the menu…

In fairness to Damon, he would have loved some of my other treats of the weekend. A nice bottle of Chablis, for example.

And Aki Kaurismäki’s film Le Havre. This stylised production tells the story of an ageing shoe-shine seller hiding an African stowaway from the authorities in the Normandy port of the title. Fast-paced it isn’t, but it is engaging all the same.

“I have to admit it’s the garlic butter that I really love – and a crusty baguette from the local French bakery”

He would have drawn the line at watching an old Eurovision song contest, mind. I dipped in and out of the 1998 contest. Held in Birmingham, I reckon it’s one of the best ever.

Strong songs, nail-biting voting and a win by an Israeli transsexual, it has it all.

This weekend, though, we’re in full pre-Christmas mode. Today we’re out for a long lunch with a big group of friends, and tomorrow we have wine-tasting with other friends and a meal at one of Brighton’s best French restaurants.

My weekend alone was a chance for some respite. Next weekend, of course, will be even bigger.

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3 thoughts on “Home alone: a few of my favourite things

  1. Nothing like some good escargots with lots of garlic butter to mop up.

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  2. Nom …nom …nom…..thanks for the card….my sitting room is now covered with stars!

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  3. I have always liked snails but, as you say, it’s probably the garlic butter that is the main attraction!

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