Red letter day

A gift: that keeps giving

Deciding what to buy a Francophile for Christmas should be easy, especially if they are a foodie. This year, I think I found the perfect gift – and even better, I’ll get something out of it too.

A day’s cookery course for 2 at L’Atelier des Chefs in London has Damon’s name written all over it. Well, it has now – and the box is lying there wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Let’s hope he doesn’t read this until after we’ve swapped presents later today.

It would be fine if we conducted Christmas like my family did when I was a kid – when my sister and I would creep down at daybreak to see what Santa had brought. I remember the year we both got bikes – where my parents hid those in advance, I have no idea.

Our behaviour must have driven them crazy.

On the plus side, it has given them plenty of anecdotes to wheel out each Christmas. I can safely predict some of the conversation over lunch today…

“We’re both looking forward to our trip to Marseille later this week. That’s our Christmas present to ourselves”

We’re spending the day at Damon’s mum’s. My parents live 20 minutes away, so they will join us too. Asparagus and Roquefort soufflés, roast goose with all the trimmings and a meringue Christmas tree dessert are all on the menu.

Damon has been involved in preparing each of these courses. That was what gave me the idea for his Christmas present – well, that and a feature in the December issue of FRANCE magazine.

It gave me a link that led to the Red Letter Day that he – and I – can now look forward to.

I also bought him a second, smaller present. He won’t get to open that until this evening, so I won’t give the game away here.

What I will say is that we’re both looking forward to our trip to Marseille later this week. We head off on Thursday and will see the New Year in there.

That’s our Christmas present to ourselves. We fly at 7am, and like the Christmas Days of my childhood, that merits getting up at the crack of dawn. I can’t wait.

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11 thoughts on “A gift: that keeps giving

  1. ..but he wanted…a…PUPPET! … have a fabulous day all my love CX

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  2. Joyeux Noël!
    Next time you will have to come join me at my cookery school in the Dordogne😃
    Have a wonderful Christmas, (sounds delicious), and a Happy New Year!

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  3. Damon on said:

    A fabulous gift – can’t wait to go – I am sure Graham will update you all on our day. Merry Christmas x

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  4. Merry Christmas…here’s to a wonderful time for you both. I love the idea of your presents and your family time together in France. x

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  5. This is rather late, but do you know 3-D Wines? It was a gift I gave to Mr FD for his 40th birthday and it gave us many years of pleasure and reasons to go to France. I still remember our feeling of superiority as – together with another non 3D Wine couple – we tasted the wine reserved for 3D customers.
    “We’ll have a case” we said.
    “So will we”, said the other couple
    “I’m sorry,” the winemaker said, gesturing to us “It is reserved for our special customers” We preened ourselves.

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