L’Almanach Curieux et Insolite du Vin 2017

Continuous learning: daily wine

I have heard of a beer overcoat but never a wine anorak – until now, that is. I’ve bought myself a French wine almanac.

I stumbled across L’Almanach Curieux et Insolite du Vin 2017 during our trip to Marseille at New Year. Published by Hachette, it provides some useful – and some random – information about wine for every day of the year.

When the book says it’s all about wine, it means French wine – which, let’s face it, suits my interests perfectly.

It covers grape varieties, particular vineyards, temperatures for storing different types of wine, quotes from famous people and plenty more. There is also space for me to mark what wine I have drunk that day – including year and price, plus what I thought of it and who I was with when I drank it.

Yesterday, its Vin du Jour was from the Château du Cèdre, one of my favourite wine houses. This Cahors vineyard is run by brothers Pascal and Jean-Marc Verhaeghe. Pascal trained in Mâcon and Jean-Marc in Sauternes, so they bring an appreciation of the importance of terroir from Burgundy and Bordeaux to the vineyard they inherited from their father.

Some 90% of their 27 hectares is given over to the local grape, Malbec, and Damon and I love their wines.

“On Thursday Damon and I celebrated 22 years together, and yesterday was the 10th anniversary of our civil partnership”

By coincidence, yesterday was a special day for me and Damon – one of two this week, in fact. On Thursday we celebrated 22 years together, and yesterday was the 10th anniversary of our civil partnership.

We’ve come away to Seville to celebrate. It’s a city we’ve both wanted to visit for ages and we’re glad finally to have made it.

As you might expect, we raised a glass to each other on both days. I didn’t record them in the almanac, mind – so maybe I’m not quite a wine anorak after all.

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7 thoughts on “Continuous learning: daily wine

  1. ….methinks a wine cagoule..in the making…peut etre…..

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  2. Félicitations!!!
    What a coincidence. I attended a truffle dinner in Sarlat on Thursday and the Tournedos Rossini plat principal was accompanied by the Chateau de Cèdre Malbec. It truely is a magnificent wine.
    Enjoy your anniversary.

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  3. Félicitations on your dual anniversaries! The almanac sounds fascinating – and what a good idea to be able to note down your thoughts about the wine you’ve drunk that day. We buy a good wine, enjoy it, forget to write down the name and then the bottle goes to the bottle bank. I must try Château de Cèdre. We are about 50 minutes’ drive SE of Cahors itself, and don’t need much excuse to visit the area.

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  4. Congratulations 💕

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