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Home from home: luxury in Lyon

In a competition between style and comfort, style wins every time. Thankfully, it’s not always a case or either/or – it is possible to have both.

Just look at this apartment I’ve booked in Lyon. We’re going there next month to celebrate my 50th birthday.

If I must turn a half-century, I want to wake up somewhere beautiful. This place seems to fit the bill.

Lyon apartment

It’s located on Place Bellecour on the peninsula, so all the shops, restaurants and places of interest are within walking distance. I’ve even discovered that there’s a puppet museum there, so Damon has suddenly developed a burning interest in the trip.

We looked at hotels first before trying AirBnb, but it was HomeAway that came up trumps. This place looks just perfect. The owner certainly knows how to style an apartment for a photo shoot.

Lyon apartment kitchen

For my big birthday, I wanted to go away somewhere nice – in France, bien sûr – and it came down to a choice between Carcassonne and Lyon.

Initially, the medieval charms of the medieval walled town in Aude had the edge, but then I clocked the flight times. Who wants to fly back at 7am on a Sunday morning?

“Lyon is renowned as the food capital of France. There are Michelin stars aplenty on the city’s dinner circuit”

So Carcassonne was out and Lyon was in. Plus, Lyon is renowned the world over as the food capital of France. There are Michelin stars aplenty on the city’s dinner circuit.

Food’s important when you’re away – and I love a long weekend abroad. In fact, I’m actually in Copenhagen this weekend, but even I couldn’t quite shoehorn a French angle into a blog post about Denmark.

So Lyon it is.

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11 thoughts on “Home from home: luxury in Lyon

  1. lovin’ the black n white theme…. nice sofa!!! Quel luxe!

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  2. gorgeous

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  3. Wow! Looks amazing, a page out of a magazine.

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  4. That’s rather Glam guys.. Enjoy the puppets!

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  5. I’m always interested in a good place to stay in Lyon. Looking forward to your review of the place after your visit. Hope you have a great big B-day celebration. I love La Mère Brazier and you absolutely must visit the chocolate shop in Bernachon and get a box of that palet d’or!

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  6. Have a wonderful time!

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  7. Have a wonderful time! I love Lyon. We often eat at Paul Bocuse brasseries when we go. If you like cats I recommend the cat café Le GentleCat, near Perruche station.

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