Restaurant Maven, Copenhagen

French fusion: in Copenhagen

I was wrong. It doesn’t happen often – as my partner can, ahem, confirm – but on this occasion, I must come clean. I was mistaken.

Last week I argued that I wouldn’t be able to give a French angle to a long weekend away in Copenhagen. It turns out I can.

Thanks to Noma – which has been named the world’s best eaterie by Restaurant magazine four times since 2010 – a lot has been written about ‘new Nordic’ cooking.

Less has reached the media about other food trends in this part of Scandinavia. It turns out the Danes are into fusion cooking in a big way – and I’m not talking Asian influences here.

You heard it here first: French cuisine is big in Denmark.

Take the city’s Restaurant Maven, for example. Maven, I have learnt, is an old nickname for the square the restaurant is in – in the 19th century, it was the home of the city’s butcher shops. Which meant locals referred to it as ‘Maven’, or literally ‘Stomach’.

Housed in a former church, the restaurant specialises in French-Danish fusion cooking. We ate there last Saturday night.

Pot au feu, Restaurant Maven, Copenhagen

My starter was shrimps served on brioche. See what they did there – local seafood with a traditional French bread? My main (pictured) was brisket cooked pot au feu style, served with ‘green’ pommes dauphinoises and smoked bone marrow. Desert was a chocolate torte, which came with sage ice cream.

“You heard it here first: French cuisine is big in Denmark”

No wonder the restaurant has made the city’s Michelin guide.

Everything you have heard about prices in Copenhagen are all true. The cheapest bottle of wine we had all weekend was 400 kroner, which is equivalent to 54€.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t make for a great weekend away. We had a terrific time.

Now we’re counting down to our next break already, at the end of this month. That trip will be much easier to write about for this blog – it’s in Lyon, France’s food capital.

So bon appétit! Or, as they say in Copenhagen, erm, ‘Bon appétit!’

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