Le Neuvieme Art, Lyon

Nothing comic about this: Le Neuvième Art

How else was I going to spend my 50th birthday other than indulging in some fine dining in France? The big day was yesterday and I marked it in style in Lyon, at Le Neuvième Art, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Lyon is the food capital of France, so I knew I would eat exceptionally well this weekend.

But I wanted my birthday meal to be special. I spent quite a bit of time researching the restaurant for the big night – and Le Neuvième Art clinched it.

Although it’s possibly not as pretty as some other restaurants in the city, the menu won me over – modern French cuisine at its best. Double-checking on Trip Advisor made me realise that it would be a great choice.

We opted for what they called the 5-course menu, though I counted 9.

The pan-fried foie gras came highly recommended and I can see why, and the scallops and black truffle – comme un œuf à la neige, as they described it – were terrific too. I could also say the same for the Breton langoustine or for the wagyu beef.

Appropriately, our friend Keeley is here with us. She owns the house in Castillonnès that we often go and stay in. Like us, she is a real foodie. She helped reignite our love affair with France when she invited us to stay at her home a few years ago.

Now look how far we have come – we’re planning to relocate here and open a business.

“Lyon is the food capital of France, so I knew I would eat exceptionally well this weekend”

The French refer to comics as the 9th art, from which this restaurant takes its name, but there was nothing comic about this eaterie. What it offered was serious dining – food entirely befitting a big birthday.

At the helm in the kitchen is Christophe Roure. The chef was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007 and gained a second Michelin star for this restaurant just two years ago.

This is my first time in Lyon and I’m loving it. We’ve staying in a World of Interiors style apartment on Place Bellecour on the peninsula, so we’re ideally located for all the sights.

Today, we’re heading off to the International Puppet Museum, which Damon tells me has an outstanding collection of marionettes. Looks like this break has something for everyone.

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  1. Gosh, that does sound like a perfect way to celebrate your 50th Birthday!

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  2. Yes, amazing, congrats on big 50, its the birthday that prompted my big dreams for France and certainly a pivotal one!

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  3. Happy Birthday what a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th

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