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Five go mad: in Castillonnès

I say! Move over Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog. There’s a new gang in town and they’re heading to France.


Graham, Damon, Keeley, Fiona and Archie the dog have booked their trip. The Whitsun bank holiday weekend has given us the excuse to take a week off work and go south in a Volkswagen campervan.


There will be jolly japes aplenty.


I’m not entirely convinced that Enid Blyton would approve of this new Famous Five. I think she’d consider us too peculiar. Hey ho.


“By golly, we’ll be sure to bring back lashings of ginger beer. (By which I mean wine.)”
Keeley bought the ancient – sorry, vintage – campervan about six months ago and has already made one return trip to Lot-et-Garonne. This will be its second long-distance outing.


Our jaunt starts on Saturday 20 May. We’ll do our best to have a gay old time on the seemingly interminable overnight ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe.


Then we’re hitting France’s routes nationales. We toyed with the idea of using the autoroutes until we realised that the campervan doesn’t go above 60mph. What a rum do!


Usually, Damon and I make a stopover around Poitiers, but 3 of us can share the driving this time, so we’ll just carry on. We hope to make it to Castillonnès in about 10 hours.


Our not-famous-at-all five-some has lots planned for our break: long lunches in stylish restaurants, visiting vineyards, exploring caves, trailing thieves, catching smugglers… The usual, you know.


It all sounds like a terrific adventure – I can’t wait.


And by golly, we’ll be sure to bring back lashings of ginger beer. (By which I mean wine, but I suspect you had guessed that.)


Forget the usual strategic packing needed to fit bottles and wine en vrac in the boot of my little two-seater – the best Damon and I have managed is 60l in one trip. This time we’ll have a whole campervan to fill.


Above all, unlike the originals, we hope not to get into a fix. Instead, we aim just to have plenty of jolly good fun!


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5 thoughts on “Five go mad: in Castillonnès

  1. Fab post. We have a plan to get a VW and take ourselves off at some stage…I can’t wait to see how you get on!

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  2. Sounds like it’ll be a riot! You must post live with details . Maybe Channel 4 will pick it up.


  3. Oh …Lummy! wot jolly japes ? enjoy me dears….. one wonders however… who is the dog?

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