Flammekueche: Alsace’s answer to pizza

I’m not wishing my life away but I look forward to Lidl’s French weeks. Their flammekueche is one of its highlights.

Snails are another, of course.

I have nothing against Greeks or Poles, but their themed weeks in Lidl leave me cold. I have to admit, I have no idea what to do with some of the dishes on offer. I fear I would end up putting them together to serve the equivalent of sausages and custard.

The French week, though, is like coming home. And I quite like the German weeks too.

As a former student of both French and German, I find flammekueche to be a delicious marriage of the two cultures. I guess that’s because its roots are in Alsace, which, of course, has belonged to both France and Germany over the course of its history.

Perhaps its dual citizenship explains why it’s sometimes also known as tarte flambée.

The dish was developed in the 1930s on farms in the Alsace area. It was cooked in the wood-fired bread ovens as they heated up, and farm workers would come and eat it straight while hot.

As a former student of both French and German, I find flammekueche to be a delicious marriage of the two cultures

It uses relatively cheap ingredients – smoked bacon cut into matchstick-like pieces, onions, fromage blanc and crème fraîche, all spread across a thin dough.

The result is like a French take on pizza, and became a popular street food for its ease of eating with your hands.

Over the following decades, it found its way to Strasbourg and beyond. Perhaps unsurprisingly, regional variations sprang up too – including in northern France, where locals use leeks and bacon to create flamiche.

I haven’t tried such variations, so I can’t really comment. But if they are anywhere near as good as Lidl’s flammekueche, I’d happily give them a go.

Come on, Lidl – bring on French week again. My freezer’s running low on flammekueche!

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5 thoughts on “Flammekueche: Alsace’s answer to pizza

  1. ..you will please to know then… that Leclerc’s restaurant… do a very nice Flammekueche..in Bergerac!! Ha ha!

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  2. You should try my recipe on maisontravers.wordpress.com

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  3. I can’t tell you how many times I had it the week we spent in Strasbourg and surrounds. Better than pizza hands down!!

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