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Drum roll, please: big news

We’re packing up and moving to France. This isn’t some idle fantasy: our new life in France is happening – and it all starts in just 2 weeks’ time. Excited!

My partner, Damon, has landed a job with a company that is upping its international capacity in Lille. He leaves the UK on 1 July.

Which makes this the only good thing to have come out of the Brexit fiasco, I reckon.

Damon’s new role will see him manage a team of people in English. The rest of the office – and indeed the rest of the world around him – will, of course, speak in French, so the job will allow him to become fluent before we head further south at a later date.

He’s been learning French with help from Duolingo for several years now and can hold a conversation. His new company runs language classes, which will help him too.

This job offer has been on the cards for a little while. I have been itching to write about it here but I didn’t dare to until it became definite.

The timescale is a bit staggering, of course. He has just 2 weeks to pack up and say his goodbyes to friends and family.

I’ll follow him to Lille at the end of August – and commute back.

I’ve agreed with work that I will work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in London. Then I’ll catch the Eurostar after work on Wednesdays and work from home on Thursdays and Fridays.

There’s a 7.30 train from Lille on a Monday morning, so, with the time difference, I’ll be at St Pancras for 8.00.

I’ll admit Lille may not be where we planned to go, but we both love the city – and the move is a great stepping stone for us. We’ll be able to improve our language skills and earn incomes while we do it.

“Lille may not be where we planned to go, but we both love the city – and the move is a great stepping stone”

I speak French already but it’s been a few years since I was properly fluent. Being in Lille for 4 days a week will help my French enormously.

The big question, of course, is what to do about this blog. I’ll be in the Nord département in the Hauts-de-France region. Can I still call the blog A Year in Périgord?

Does France have an equivalent of the Trade Descriptions Act?

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23 thoughts on “Drum roll, please: big news

  1. That’s fabulous news G, I am so pl

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  2. Start again, That’s fabulous news, I am so pleased for you both, foot in the door and all that.
    Maybe you could live in Lille and have a Maison Secondaire further south!?

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  3. Bon Chance in your new life – and keep blogging, whatever you call it

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  4. This is soooooo exciting….and..I might just add I really like Lille!!!i spent Christmas there with my was fab… a nice city..lots going on…. wow! Methinks ….it will be just as make it south west from Lille…Rouen…..Angouleme…..Bergerac…simple!

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  5. Such happy news for you and Damon. Well done to Damon and to you for negotiating a French/English working deal time wise. This is all so exciting and I am thrilled to bits for you both. xXx Hugs x

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  6. How fantastic! I think the idea of getting a second place further south is interesting. You could also “test” different areas with shorter term rentals to see what you like best. Once you get into more rural areas rentals are also quite cheap.

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  7. How exciting! Bon courage.
    Simply change the name.

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  8. Brilliant news fantastic, Bon Courage. Keep up the blog

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  9. Good for you and Damon and best of luck with your move. I changed the name of my blog about four or five years ago and it didn’t seem to matter to readers.

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  10. Congratulations! Sounds like the beginning of a grand adventure.

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  11. Good luck with all the preparations and the move. It all sounds super exciting!

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  12. Exciting news!!
    All the best for a smooth move,
    Dina x

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