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What’s French for: pied-à-terre?

Plans for our new life in France are moving ahead at quite a pace. I’ve now been offered a self-contained flat for the 2 nights a week that I’ll spend back in London for work.

A friend who works for another housing association has offered it to me at what could be called mates’ rates, except that it’s all above board.

It’s a 1-bedroomed apartment on a rather attractive development (pictured) that’s only 2 years old. Plus, it’s only half an hour from the office.

So, what’s the catch?

It’s on a care scheme for older people. I say that with no disrespect. It’s just that some of my neighbours will be needing specialist support in their later years.

Others will simply be over-55s who’ve opted to downsize – people who’ve sold their family homes for a more-manageable flat.

Either way, I’ll need to familiarise myself with bingo lingo.

If I want to get to know other people there, that will be the key. I know sheltered schemes like to organise activities that allow the residents to mingle.

“I have family just a few streets away. If I fancy company on my nights back in Blighty, I can pop round to theirs for dinner”

Ironically, though, I have family just a few streets away. The development is in West Norwood, in south London, where my aunt and uncle live.

If I fancy company on my nights back in Blighty, I can pop round to theirs for dinner. If I take some wine with me, I can be pretty sure of a warm welcome.

Given that I’ll be spending 5 nights week in France, it shouldn’t be too difficult to lay my hands on a decent bottle.

All in all, I’d say plans for the move to France are progressing nicely. Albeit at a rather scary pace…

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13 thoughts on “What’s French for: pied-à-terre?

  1. It will be interesting to see if you work differently when you get to France; I don’t just refer to the ‘working from home” bit, but whether your perspective on your UK job shifts.

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  2. Very exciting!
    Have you found a place in France yet?

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    • Damon’s new employer is putting him up in an apartment in the centre of Lille for his first six weeks. Then his ‘Relocation Advocate’ (what a great job title) will help us find a longer-term rental.

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  3. ..so it’s legs eleven…. in Crystal Palace for you me dear! Ha ha!

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  4. I only know two fat ladies!

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  5. I want that job. I could certainly be a restoration relocation advocate.

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  6. We’ve been here 3 years and love it. It takes a while getting used to things but we don’t look back.

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