Cheese restaurant Le Broc in Lille, France

Settling in: everything’s gonna Brie alright

Lille has a restaurant devoted to cheese – when I saw it, I knew then that the city would suit us well. Instantly it felt like home.

Damon (pictured) is itching to try out Le Broc and its cheese-themed menus. We’re waiting until the nights start drawing in and we’re craving comfort food before we give it a go.

For a starter, you can indulge in an œuf cocotte using any one of a range of cheeses. Or there is a goat’s cheese salad or a Croque Monsieur, again with a cheese to suit your mood.

Mains include Camemberts served various ways, cheese omelettes and cheese-filled crêpes. Steaks and burgers all come with, yes, a cheese of your choice.

Spotting it was just one of the ways we are starting to settle in – and, remember, I haven’t actually moved to Lille yet. I’m just a weekend guest.

This week, we’ve also had the green light on the apartment I wrote about last week that Damon found for us, just off Place de la République. We move in officially on 16 August. Well, he does. I move at the end of August.

I’m now trying to find a removal company to deign to transport our worldly possessions from Brighton to Lille. So far there has been a lot of air sucked through teeth and unreturned calls and emails.

“This week, we’ve also had the green light on the apartment Damon found for us just off Place de la République”

It looks as though we won’t need to wait too long before we have a tenant for our home in Brighton too.

I put the house with a lettings agent on Wednesday. Within literally 10 minutes of the house being on their website, someone called to book an appointment.

Since then, several more people have seen it and, so far, everyone has said they’d be interested in renting it.

Importantly, Damon seems to be settling into his new job. I met a number of his colleagues last weekend, and they proved a fun crowd. Who said the French don’t drink?

What’s more, people in shops and restaurants are now answering Damon in French, rather than in English, as they did in week 1.

So, all told, it’s coming together.

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4 thoughts on “Settling in: everything’s gonna Brie alright

  1. Well , that’s good new on all fronts! A pair of happy bunnies!

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  2. Haha who said French do not drink? I guess French drinks in a different way to the British. In good portions throughout the night. Glad to hear Damon is settling in well. Do you guys speak French? Its the height of summer holidays here so not able to get services or returned calls are pretty much the norm. Can’t say it improves much even if its not summer holidays 🙂 sometimes i feel like the French doesnt want busineses even if we have money to spend :)) and of course, language obstacle is my no. 1 enemy in France.

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