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French wine scholar results: an ology

To quote the Maureen Lipman BT ads of the 1980s, I now have an ology… in oenology. This week I found out that I passed my French Wine Scholar exam with honours.

“You get an ology, you’re a scientist,” Lipman’s character, Beatty, told her TV grandson. In the advert, he disappointedly reported that he’d passed only O-Levels in pottery and sociology.

Even now, almost 30 years later, the ad has stuck with me.

I wonder what she would make of my result. Personally, I’m delighted – and relieved. I have spent the past three weeks waiting to hear.

Every time my mobile has pinged, I have anxiously checked to see if it was an email from the Sussex Wine School letting me know how I had got on.

I took the exam back in June and was quietly confident. That’s not the same as knowing you have passed, of course.

As it turned out, I scored 85%.

“This weekend might be just the occasion to have a glass or two of French wine – or more specifically, Champagne. It’s our last in Brighton”

Getting the qualification is all part of the plan to open a cheese-and-wine shop-cum-bar in a few years’ time. Our move to Lille is part of the strategy too – build contacts and knowledge while becoming properly fluent.

Last year I passed the Wine and Spirit Education Trust level 3 exam with merit. That’s sometimes described as the equivalent of an A-Level in wine.

Now, with my French Wine Scholar pass under my belt, I can add the letters FWS after my name. I know that most people won’t recognise the acronym or care very much even if they do, but I felt it was important.

If I am going to selling French wine, I’d like the reassurance of knowing what I am talking about.

This weekend might be just the occasion to have a glass or two of French wine – or more specifically, Champagne. It’s our last in Brighton. We’ve loved living here for the past 17 years but the time has come to move on.

We move into our new home in Lille on Wednesday. Let life’s new adventure begin!

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26 thoughts on “French wine scholar results: an ology

  1. Felicitations Graham. I know this was important.
    I am, however, a little concerned as to what others may ignorantly speculate re your new acronym.
    I have just come up with at least three, and they are all a bit rude…..

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  2. Félicitations mon ami! Bienvenue a la belle France.
    Once you cross the channel, you might want to try some Blanquette. It pre-dates champagne and is made locally, in Limoux down in the Languedoc. I do hope you expand your tastings and include some of our excellent wines. While I don’t have your degrees in wine, I do know what I like and others seem to as well. The local cave in Embres-Castelmuar sells out early each year. There top three, Pompador, Grande Cuvée and #1 is Trois. If you head out this way, I could introduce you to their Sommelier who is a good friend, artist and an excellent cook!

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  3. Chapeau M’sieur! That is no mean feat and I can already feel the green waves of jealousy emanating from my husband who has this Ology on his wish-list for retirement. I am so delighted to read of your dream and you might be interested in my Cheesey background … my father-in-law was really an amazing man – I’m including a link should you be so moved. Back in the very dim past I was officially recognized as une affineuse du Fromage by the French – not an Ology but I am proud of the accolade nonetheless. Anyway, mahusive congrats again and go celebrate. And, of course, safe travels to Lille. Bidding bye-bye to Blighty is honestly the best thing I have ever done.

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  4. Brilliant news well done

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  5. Great news! I agree with Lea’s comment above about the Blanquette de Limoux, our local bubbly too. Being in Lille will certainly help with your goal of “becoming properly fluent” as will a glass or two of wine, of course!

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  6. Félicitations!!!

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  7. Congratulations! And good luck with your move. Is the ‘ology’ from Plumpton?

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  8. Felicitations! May you enjoy the next exciting chapter in your life.

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  9. Well Monsieur ologist…now you know what you are drinking… make. Sure you toast ….your new beginning in Lille …Bon chance mes amis! Cx

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  10. Congratulations Graham. I love all the baby steps you are taking toward your dreams. I can guarantee that Scott and I will definitely visit – and write about – your cheese and wine bar when opens. Wishing you only the very best of everything with your move to Lille.

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