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Packin’ up: a moving experience

Having the removal company pack up our belongings for us was the best £300 I have ever spent. It took so much stress out of moving.

I hadn’t imagined we’d be able to afford a service like that. After all, moving home – and country – has all come rather suddenly.

Wheadons weren’t the first removal company I called but they were the first – and only – one to return my call. They specialise in moves to France and are based in Sussex, not far from Brighton, where I used to live. (It sounds odd putting it in the past tense.)

They came and had a look at the house to see how much stuff we would be taking. A day or so later, I received their quote by email. It was a chance remark when I called to accept the quote that really sealed the deal.

“You’re not having us pack up your belongings for you, are you?” their office manager asked.

“I think that’s probably beyond my budget,” I said.

“You might be surprised…”

“Really? Go on then, surprise me.”

“£300 plus VAT.”

At that price, I couldn’t say no.

“I hadn’t imagined we’d be able to afford a service like that. After all, moving home – and country – has all come rather suddenly”

The guys were great. It took them almost no time to wrap up all our possessions and stick them in a box.

They had no emotional attachment to what they were handling, they explained. Unlike us, that is – we’d assessed everything we touched for aesthetics, future usefulness, when we’d last used it and so on.

Which probably explains why our whole garden was taken over by our unwanted possessions, waiting for a rubbish clearance company to come and take it all away.

Wheadons also said that if we needed new white goods for the French home, we should simply order them and have them delivered to their yard. Perfect – we’d had to leave all of ours for the new tenants.

A range cooker – a.k.a. our new pride and joy – and a fridge freezer were duly delivered to them. From what we could see online, electrical goods seem more expensive in France than in the UK. Certainly, the range was half the price of ones we saw in Darty.

The removal men were waiting outside our new home at 8.00 the morning after they’d collected all our stuff, as promised. By 11.30, everything was in.

What’s more, they even helped us wire in the new range cooker and took away all the boxes and paper that we could unwrap in those 3.5 hours. That was beyond the call of duty, I told them, but they said they were happy to help.

I thought moving overseas might be difficult, but this was the smoothest house move I’ve ever made.

Almost as smooth as the switching the name of this blog… Had you noticed it had changed?

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10 thoughts on “Packin’ up: a moving experience

  1. Congratulations on making the move! It will be interesting to see whether you get similar quality service on the French side. 😉

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  2. Congratulations on making the move! Been here permanently 3 years after we moved ourselves…never again! There are some good online places for electrical goods for the future. We have used Cdiscount and Rue de Commerces – websites are fairly rubbish though!

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  3. Great new name! Very appropriate too.
    We have used Darty for most electrical goods. Very reasonable and excellent service.

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  4. A new life…. wow…. loverly Lille ….and only a ‘L’ill…a bit o’ stress…. fab… you are so lucky… LUCKY in LILLE!

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  5. Yes…I noticed! Congrats on the smooth move.

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  6. I used Pickfords for my move to France and the packers were wonderful but the delivery was a different matter. I will skim over that – four years and plentiful fabulous food and wine have dimmed the painful memories. Good call to buy the white goods in Britain. We bought a stove and hob here and plentiful fabulous food and wine have not dimmed the painful dent in the wallet for my husband! As to French service let me just plead with you – however bad you think Orange is … don’t risk SFR … 6 weeks of hell and now back Chez Orange! 🍊

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    • Thanks for the tip — had been considering SFR…

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      • NOOOOO! Honestly – I swapped when I moved this time and thought I would be so much happier. Such headaches and because I am reliant on internet for work it could have impacted critically on a couple of pieces of work. Fortunately my go to Cafe were happy for me to work there but it was so stressful and I actually welcomed Orange back. And in fairness, this time, so far, I have had no issues at all.


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