Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants, Lille, 2017

Serendipity: salon des vins des vignerons indépendants

It’s funny how quickly a plan can come together – especially when it involves wine. A Facebook alert, a pair of free tickets and a comment on this blog all led in one direction: the Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants at Lille’s Grand Palais last Sunday.

This was the 21st time this annual event has been held in the city, I understand.

Some 600 independent wine producers lined up in the conference centre to sell their wares to the thousands of attendees. It was all very well signposted in the venue, so you could concentrate on the kinds of wines you like the most.

That perhaps meant it worked best for people who know their wine. (Of course, you could just stagger your way round too, though with so many stalls, that could prove ultimately a little dangerous.)

“One of the exhibitors left a message on this blog, inviting us to come along and try some organic Chinon”

I’d seen the event flagged on Facebook and clicked on the ‘interested’ tab and thought little more about it. We had friends staying last weekend, and I didn’t think they’d enjoy it as much as us.

However, when we took them to one of our favourite bars on the Saturday night, Bar Braz, the barman offered us free tickets. We were sorely tempted. We knew our fiends would be heading back to London by mid-afternoon on the Sunday…

Could we fit in a cheeky little visit?

Just as we were debating it, one of the exhibitors left a message on this blog. Steph at the Famille Rouet domaine was inviting us to come along and try some organic Chinon.

We love a Cabernet Franc and it was the final push we needed. I messaged her back to say we were up for it.

This may not surprise you but we got rather carried away with ourselves. So much so, we had to get a cab to take home our initial haul, before returning for round 2.

Suffice it to say, it wasn’t the cheapest Sunday afternoon out ever, but it was definitely one of the most enjoyable. And we have months’ worth of wine now resting in the cave…

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  1. Oh la la! That is a magnificent fête! Cheers to your brimful Cave 🍷

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  2. So now we have CAVE! That’s it, you’ve arrived. Hope that dribbling is improving?

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  3. So glad to hear that your face is getting better. My goodness my kind of fete

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