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So Nice: a long weekend away

If there is a better way to mark an anniversary than with a few days away on the Côte d’Azur’s most glamorous of cities, I have yet to find it. Nice is the very jewel in the crown of this stretch of the Mediterranean coast.

It’s great to be here to celebrate 23 years together.

We arrived yesterday morning, having taken a direct flight from Lille airport. (Who knew it had one?) The flight took just an hour and a half.

As Damon works for one of the world’s leading online travel companies, he said he would book our accommodation. Given his hefty staff discount, I wasn’t going to decline his offer.

So it goes almost without saying that what he booked is Art Deco fabulousness. Pictured is the reception and bar of the Jay Hotel, where we’re staying.

Our room is just as lovely.

The hotel is well located too – we’re about 100m from the Promenade des Anglais. The seafront walk is almost synonymous with the city itself. We’ve taken in the views already and been exploring in the old town.

“We are soaking up a bit of winter sun, exploring a new city and making the most of the latest chapter of our lives, here in France”

What’s more, we’ve been able to shed our overcoats. It’s a good 5 degrees warmer here than at home in Lille – and a lot sunnier.

Our local newspaper, La Voix du Nord, gave over its front page recently to the paucity of sunlight in Hauts-de-France this winter. “Il est mort le soleil?” its headline asked. Apparently, the first two weeks of January saw less than 3 hours of sunshine in the region.

No worries of that sort in Nice.

So, here we are soaking up a bit of winter sun, exploring a new city and reminiscing about some of the funniest moments in the years we’ve shared. In short, we are making the most of the latest chapter of our lives, here in France.

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13 thoughts on “So Nice: a long weekend away

  1. Have a very Happy Anniversary! You should see if you can get a reservation at JAN. Superb 1 Michelin Star restaurant. All food has a South African twist.

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  2. Always happy to celebrate ::) Happy Anniversary and Nice is a very ” nice” place to do it. Cheers

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  3. You will love it!… a fruit de mare…. some culture a la Chagall!…. som sunshine a a float along the prom of ..the english….check out the men on poles! ha ha! Bon voyage

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  4. brilliant

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  5. Congratulations! Art deco hotel sounds & looks my kind of place. And nice to have a happy, positive piece of news in these last few dark wet days of January.

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  6. Nice to have you here in the sunny south of France celebrating a very happy occasion, santé!

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