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Birthday break: back in the ‘hood

My birthday wish has come true: I’m back in the south west. I have 4 days here to enjoy catching up with friends and visiting old haunts.

I like to go away for my birthday each year – it always makes it feel extra special.

It’s my birthday today, slap bang in the middle of the Easter weekend, so I get to have 8 days off work but use only 4 days’ leave. We’ve driven down, which explains the other 4 days – 2 days down, 2 days back, staying over in chambres d’hôtes en route. (More about those another time.)

We’re back staying in Castillonnès, in Lot-et-Garonne, of course – it’s like our second home.

In fact, in 2016, we were considering making this our home and opening a business here. Ultimately, we decided it wasn’t quite busy enough here to make it viable throughout the year.

Instead, we’re here just as holidaymakers.

Castillones house living rom

We’re staying at our friend Keeley’s house (main picture and above). It’s a large house, whose front door opens onto the arcades and the central square.

Today, Damon and I are off to Bergerac to do a spot of shopping – and to stop by some vineyards to pick up some much-needed supplies. Our friend Jenny has already been and bought us a load of wine en vrac to bring back for everyday drinking, so it’s wine to put in our cave that we’re after today.

Tonight, we’re staying in the village. Alex, a Russian-born, Cordon Bleu-trained chef, runs a small restaurant here – and we’re off to his for dinner.

“Damon and I are off to Bergerac to do a spot of shopping – and to stop by some vineyards to pick up some much-needed supplies”

I don’t know what’s on the menu, but his food is always delicious and he offers wine pairing to go with it. I could match wines with the food myself, but I love it when other people do it for me – it means I get to try wines I might not necessarily have picked myself.

Most importantly, I get to spend time with 3 of my favourite people – Damon (of course), Keeley and Jenny. A happy birthday indeed!

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15 thoughts on “Birthday break: back in the ‘hood

  1. Happy Birthday Graham and here’s to a lovely weekend for you. If I may share; I love the Lot-et-Garonne and have some lovely friends who have made their home there in Segalas. So many heart memories from that area and that’s where I would choose to settle in France. Many happy returns. Xx

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  2. Bonnes Fetes… mon ami! …. don’t forget those ABSENT friends……watching the drizzle in London! Have a spectacular time! Happy Birthday … I believe you will like the ‘robust’ quality of the wines of the region?!!!!!! Cxxx

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  3. Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Do stop in at Tour des Gendres. My favourites winery for great wines and the nicest family.

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  4. Happiest of Happies to you Graham …. enjoy your break in the south west and savour every moment. May the next year bring you great joy whatever it has lined up for you 😊

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  5. Happy Birthday enjoy your holiday

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  6. Joyeux anniversaire! We like to come to same favorite places too, so magical. Hard to change the habits but , in France power moves you. Happy Easter!

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  7. C’est aussi le mois de ma naissance. Te lire me donne encore plus envie de retourner en France pour visiter à nouveau toutes ces petites choses que je n’ai pas assez apprécié du temps où j’habitais l’Hexagone. On revient en Juin, pour habiter à la Rochelle, et j’ai bien l’intention de faire ce genre d’excursion.

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  8. It looks like a peaceful vacation spot.


  9. Oh, HAPPY B DAY

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