Le Domaine de Chavagnac

Finding our fix: sweet duck all

Our trip to Bergerac last month left us salivating for the tastes of Périgord. To satisfy our cravings, we headed for Lille’s south-west themed restaurant on Saturday.

Quite why it’s taken us nearly a year to try it out, I don’t know – after all, it’s about 50m from our front door.

Called Le Domaine de Chavagnac, it is known for its delicious take on the flavours of the south west. In fact, it’s so popular, it has two branches here in Lille. (There’s also one in Arras, in the neighbouring département of Pas-de-Calais.)

Perhaps surprisingly, it was a friend in London who alerted me to it. She and her wife make sure to book a table every time they come to Lille, she told me.

So, last weekend, we followed their example.

“We felt like we had been transported to Bergerac, which is funny, as that is where we are spending this weekend”

To start with, I had a plate of fruit – a fig, a prune and an apricot – each stuffed with foie gras. It was delicious. The sweetness of the fruit complemented the liver perfectly.

Damon had a salade de chèvre chaud, which was also terrific.

For our mains, I had duck breast with a slice of foie gras pâté on top, with a side of potatoes that had been sautéed in duck fat. Heaven.

Duck and foie gras at Le Domaine de Chavagnac, Lille

Damon had the parmentier de canard – a sort of shepherd’s pie but made with chunky pieces of duck.

To accompany it, we had a bottle of the Château Tour des Gendres’ La Gloire de mon Père cuvee. It’s an oak-aged Côtes de Bergerac blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. We know it from our visits to the south west.

We felt like we had been transported to Bergerac.

Which is funny, as that is where we are spending this weekend. We are back at our friend Keeley’s house in Castillonnès, about 20km south of Bergerac.

We’ve arranged to meet friends for dinner tonight. Something tells me duck and foie gras are likely to take pride of place on the menu…

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10 thoughts on “Finding our fix: sweet duck all

  1. Well, ‘Ducky’…..all sounds delightful…non nom nom….enjoy Casti mes Amis!

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  2. indeed wonderful area, on my first trip to France in 1990 had a tour of the D936 with foie gras and monbazillac on a side stand and a turkish bathhole, always memories . Enjoy it

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  3. I remember our stay in Beynac staying next to the castle and buying a whole goose liver in the marketplace for 25 euros, poaching it, and having foie gras with coarse salt, fig compote, on toast points, along with Kir Royals out in the front yard in the shadow of the castle, much to the envy of passerby night after night. Lasted all week!

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  4. Quack quack … those ducks didn’t die in vain!

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