Goat's cheese ice cream and gazpacho

Summer lovin’: glace au fromage de chèvre

As a starter on a sunny summer’s day, what could be better than goat’s cheese ice cream served with gazpacho? The tangy cheese is the perfect accompaniment to the chilled tomato-based soup.

It’s a simple enough recipe, involving a soft goat’s cheese, some cream and milk and a little salt.

I served one last Sunday – as the latest in a series of unusual ice creams I’ve made. Previous efforts have included lavender, prune and Armagnac, and chocolate and red wine.

I was inspired to give it a try as part of an effort to develop some interesting cheese-based ice creams that we can offer in our future cheese and wine business. After all, everyone loves ice cream, right?

“Even after Nick left, there wasn’t much chance of having a moment to relax. Half an hour later, France took on Croatia in the World Cup final”

We had one of my closest friends, Nick, to stay last weekend. I had made the ice cream in advance, as I knew it would be a full-on couple of days.

Because he has a form of ADHD, Nick needs constant entertainment. A quiet moment is out of the question when he’s around.

So we kept him busy. On Saturday, we took him shopping, met friends for drinks, dined out en plein air and, finally, watched the fireworks in Lille’s citadelle to celebrate Bastille Day.

Fireworks, Bastille Day 2018, Lille

Sunday involved a trip to the local market to pick up provisions for him to take home. It was bakingly hot, so when we got back and lunch came, he wolfed down the ice cream and gazpacho.

Dessert proved another master stroke – lavender and raspberry panna cotta.

However, even after Nick left late on Sunday afternoon to catch the Eurostar back to London, there wasn’t much chance of having a moment to relax. Half an hour later, France took on Croatia in the World Cup final.

There can’t be many people who don’t know the outcome of that match. Let’s just say that Lille partied well into the night.

All in all, it was quite a weekend. Though certainly not a quiet one.

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11 thoughts on “Summer lovin’: glace au fromage de chèvre

  1. will try this sounds brilliant

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  2. Nom…nom..nom…! Yeah… allez les bleus!

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  3. Sweet dreams come true with this! Thanks

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  4. Your future business is going to be absolutely fantastic. I can feel it will be a place of pilgrimage for us to visit …. and visit we will. In the mean time I will be making my own version of this ice-cream that satisfies both my obsessive love of all things cheese and my recent fixation (fuelled by living in New England) on all things ice-cream 🍦 🧀 🐐

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  5. It looks and sounds delicious. I’d like the gazpacho, I’d like the goat’s cheese, but not the ice cream! To clarify, I do like ice cream but it doesn’t like me….I stopped eating much dairy a couple of years ago and my churning innards became calm. So now I eat carefully and stay away from all the delicious creamy stuff you write about, but I stay happy & comfortable too. Ain’t it a pain? I discovered almond milk and abandoned cow’s milk (never liked it anyway, as a child). I suffered horribly when I ate Baked Alaska desert in New Orleans earlier this year, even though I minimised the ice cream intake (had to have some – the dessert was at the end of a meal I was invited to). So…..how would you cater for me? Or maybe you’d just pass me the fruit bowl….?!

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