Hôtel Le Prieuré, Amiens

Amiens: a birthday treat

Damon says that having his birthday in August can feel like a disappointment each year. I’m hoping he’ll change his mind after this weekend – we’re off to Amiens.

I’m told that the city is a hidden gem of northern France.

With a population of less than 150,000, it is the capital of the Somme département. It was also the capital of Picardie until the region became part of Hauts-de-France a couple of years ago.

It looks rather charming in all the photos I’ve seen, with a network of pretty canals, a UNESCO-protected cathedral and a quaint old town.

That’s why I booked us a weekend break here.

“I’m hoping that Damon will be pleased by what I have planned for him”

Usually we would go for a summer holiday at this time. But we’re trying to buy a property in the south west – more about that when it’s definite – which means a fortnight away isn’t really practical right now. Or affordable.

So a couple of days in a beautiful town an hour or so from home sounds the perfect compromise.

I’ve booked us into a delightful looking hotel in the centre of the town. Not only is the hotel well placed, but our room has a view of the cathedral.

Hôtel Le Prieuré, Amiens

And I’ve reserved us a table at a Michelin guide restaurant for dinner tonight – just a stone’s throw from our hotel.

So, this year, rather than feeling a bit down that few of our friends are around to celebrate his birthday, I’m hoping that Damon will be pleased by what I have planned for him.

Photos © Hôtel Le Prieuré

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21 thoughts on “Amiens: a birthday treat

  1. Yes another gem of the north; now celebrating WWI Battle of Amiens, see my blog post on news from France, Theresa May and Prince Williams to be there. enjoy the marais of Amiens too, cheers from Brittany!

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  2. lirebird on said:

    I was there in April to hear the Diggers Requiem, a concert dedicated to all the battles and the Soldiers who lost their lives in WW1. Loved it down by the Somme at night – it looks so peaceful now. And the pictures – bigger than lifesize photos of WW1 photos on the walls of buildings. You can hear the music recorded in Amiens here:
    Have a nice michelin dinner!

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  3. Bon anniversaire.

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  4. My belle-fille comes from Aliens and we’ve had many interesting visits there when seeing the French family. Cathedral after dark is a must…see it illuminated in full colour as it would gave been painted in middle ages. Old town area cobbled & very visitable bookshop there. Further out from the centre try a calm and soothing boat trip through the hortionages. Enjoy!

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  5. I wish you both a wonderful weekend and I am sure that Damon will feel really special on his birthday which is just as it should be. We were in Amiens last July. We took a detour en route to Calais from Grenoble (we always try to take in somewhere new on a long journey) and had the most wonderful lunch and a stroll round the cathedral before heading back to Calais for an overnight. I would definitely go back.

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  6. I have been to Amiens… nice place… unfortunately… I went in homage to my great uncle who was killed at the battle of Amien…August 8 1918… it’s amazing that it’s a hundred years since then! ..I am sure Monsieur D is enjoying his birthday…no doubt some lovely food wil be involved! Have the best time…! Cx

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  7. Wish you both a very wonderful weekend also see mine Happy Diwali Wishes 2018

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  8. For some reason I stopped receiving your posts a few months ago. So glad I found you again, now I look forward to your weekly updates. I have quickly scanned some I had missed, are you moving? We are – after 3 1/2 years in the Dordogne, we are heading south – to the côte d’Azur.

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