White chocolate and Monbazillac ice cream

Cooking with leftovers: Monbazillac

Hands up who has wine left at the end of an evening? Thought not. Nor do we – until one weekend recently, that is. So, I decided to use it in the kitchen. White chocolate and Monbazillac ice cream was the result.

Monbazillac is Bergerac’s answer to Sauternes.

It’s made from Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes affected by noble rot. With a higher proportion of Muscadelle in the blend than Sauternes, it is discernibly different.

We enjoyed some with a fig tart for dinner one Sunday recently.

Somehow a bottle of wine has always seemed the perfect quantity for two people. However, it’s harder to drink 750ml of dessert wine – a small glass of it is enough.

When I opened the fridge the following day, I knew I didn’t fancy finishing off the remaining Monbazillac. Drinking dessert wine in the middle of the week feels like the start of the road to gout.

But binning it seemed wrong. My parents were brought up during World War II and rationing, and no food was ever thrown away – and it’s something they’ve instilled in me.

“Drinking dessert wine in the middle of the week feels like the start of the road to gout”

Then I remembered a red wine and chocolate ice cream that Damon made a few years back. The recipe came from Claire Kelsey’s wonderful ice cream recipe book, Melt.

I figured if I substituted the red wine for Monbazillac and the dark chocolate for white, I could achieve an ice cream that would stand up in its own right. I was right.

It was creamy and delicious. Everything a good ice cream should be.

Waste not, want not.

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  1. Nom…nom…hic….nom!

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  2. Oh noo monbazillac was my wife favorite to drink lol

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  3. I don’t like white chocolate or sweet wine but red wine and dark chocolate sounds delicious 😋 miam! miam!

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