Quentin Bailly shop, Lille

Chocolate temptation: Quentin Bailly

Life’s hard when you’re a chocoholic and you find yourself in the city where a world champion chocolate maker has a shop. Quite how it’s taken me over a year to discover artiste chocolatier Quentin Bailly is beyond me.

But now I have – and something tells me this find isn’t going to help my waistline.

The shop was recommended to Damon by one of his colleagues. He couldn’t remember the name but gave Damon directions.

We needed them – the tiny shop is tucked away on Lille’s Rue des Arts, which isn’t what you could call a destination with high footfall. That said, the shop is across the road from the opera house car park, so maybe the choice of location wasn’t entirely haphazard.

Being opposite a Gur Kebab joint wouldn’t suit it at all.

Quentin Bailly shop, Lille

We dropped by last Saturday. Just window-shopping, you understand.

Of course, the staff weren’t going to let two well-dressed gentlemen escape without sampling a chocolate. It was hell, I tell you.

I tried a Youzouzou, a dark chocolate filled with a fresh yuzu ganache. Damon opted for a Fresh Green, another dark chocolate, but this one as filled with a ganache of Brazilian lime.

We bought a medium-sized box of further ganache-filled delights.

We were also rather taken by the Briquettes du Nord, bars of chocolate fashioned to resemble miniature house bricks typical of the north of France. They are a nod to Bailly’s roots here in le Nord.

Quentin Bailly shop, Lille

Bailly was awarded the title of Champion du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2013, at the age of just 28. Sickeningly, he looks rather slim in all the photos I have seen of him.

I hope that an occasional little chocolate from his shop won’t undo the work Damon and I have been doing to shed what we call our French weight.

This is the extra kilo or, ahem, two we have put on since moving to France. It must be all the wine, viennoiseries and cream sauces.

“I hope that an occasional chocolate won’t undo the work we have been doing to shed what we call our French weight”

We’ve taken up exercise and have stopped drinking wine two nights a week to counter it. We both hate it, but within just a few weeks we can already see and feel the difference.

Will another elegant Quentin Bailly chocolate unravel all that good work? Frankly, I’m willing to take that chance.

Photos © Quentin Bailly

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14 thoughts on “Chocolate temptation: Quentin Bailly

  1. ‘Window shopping for chocolate’ – Lol! A little chocolate is good for the soul and should do no harm against all that healthy living.

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  2. I love chocolate and we have some maître chocolatiers in my area and do drink wine every day with meals and losing weight last 2 kg less ! read about the balance here: https://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/How-Does-Wine-Affect-Your-Waistline

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  3. Choc..nom…nom..choc…hic…..nom ..nom…nom…

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  4. A mouth watering read….surely dark chocolate is good for you?! In moderation of course! Try easing off on the dairy to lose the weight – it worked for me and my tummy is much happier, but I do allow myself the odd bad binge (hard not to in France!) 😉

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  5. I to love chocolate and this shop looks amazing.

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  6. I firmly believe that all brown food has zero calories!

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  7. Ah! That pesky French weight…

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