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Home comforts: Taste of France magazine

I’m a glutton for French food porn. I’ve lost count of the number of different recipes I have for coq au vin, confit de canard and cassoulet. But that doesn’t stop me buying more.

An advert for the new Taste of France magazine caught my eye recently. Before I knew it, I’d passed over my credit card details and was sat by the door waiting for the facteur to arrive with my copy.

What had tempted me was the promise of a gastronomic tour of France. Why I need another one is anybody’s guess.

French cookbooks

Aside from my own journeying up and down the country, I have Rick Stein’s French Odyssey and James Martin’s French Adventure. Plus books such as the Délices de Nos Régions and Edward Behr’s The Food and Wine of France are full of regional dishes.

And let’s not forget the subscription to Cuisine et Vins de France magazine that my mother-in-law bought me for my birthday this year.

I follow the French chefs too, so I have tomes by Michel Roux, Anne-Sophie Pic, Stéphane Reynaud and Éric Lanlard and others.

Then there are the books I have about various French specialities: terrines, mousses, cocottes, macarons, verrines, quenelles and soufflés…

“Now, thanks to Taste of France magazine, I have another 200 pages of recipes, restaurants and reviews to savour”

It goes without saying that I am well stocked with books on my two French passions too.

The first is cheese – so my collection includes, for example, Alex and Léo Guarneri’s A Year in Cheese, Michel Roux’s Cheese and Coralie Ferreira and Aimery Chemin’s Fromages.

The second is wine. So, my book shelves heave under the weight of Bernard Pivot’s French Wine: An Illustrated Miscellany and Hachette’s Dictionnaire des Vins de France, among others.

That’s to say nothing of the French Wine Scholar coursebook, from the French state-sponsored wine course I took last year.

But now, thanks to Taste of France magazine, I have another 200 pages of recipes, restaurants and reviews to savour.

It will come in handy, as I’m in Angleterre this weekend, clearing out our house in readiness for its sale in the coming weeks. That promises to be pretty laborious, so a taste of home – of France – will be most welcome.

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  1. …looking forward to a French ..gastronomic feast then! Bon chance with the move …

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  2. ah yes you will be a home made chef no doubt with all those magazines hehehe! I only do online the La revue de vins de France with recipes to match the bottle. Salut

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