Café de France, Issigeac

Right place: wrong time

Our hopes of opening a cheese and wine business in the pretty Dordogne village of Issigeac fell through this week. Someone else signed a compromis de vente on the property we liked before we could.

Obviously, we’re disappointed.

We first stumbled across the place when we were in the area back in April. We weren’t actively looking for premises, but we happened to see that the old Café de France was up for sale.

Café de France, Issigeac

Situated on the Grand’ Rue, it looked ideal. Plus, we know the medieval village well – and we’ve actually eaten in the Café de France before.

We called the estate agent and arranged a viewing.

Inside – once we chose to overlook the hideous mural – we could see that the huge bar area would be perfect to serve wines and have a cheese counter. To its left, a separate room would work well to host meetings, exhibitions and foodie weekend breaks.

Café de France, Issigeac

Upstairs, there were three double bedrooms. Each came with an en-suite shower room – though, sadly, someone had recently refurbished them in the worst possible taste.

We’d have needed to retile the rooms, rip out the plastic shower cubicles and install new washbasins at the very least. Annoying but manageable.

On the other side of the building was a separate set of stairs up to the owner’s apartment. With a bit of tidying up, it would have served us well.

At the back was a large, sunny – if somewhat unloved – courtyard garden.

Café de France, Issigeac

We returned a few weeks later with a builder we know in the area. He gave us a ballpark quote for the work needed.

So that left us with two areas of concern – both of which we figured the mairie could help us with.

The mayor himself met us and tackled the first: a lack of seating area in front of the building. He duly measured up and let us know how big a terrace we could have.

The second was an alcohol licence. You can only have one bar licence – known as a licence 4 – per 400 people. Issigeac has 800 inhabitants, hence it can have two licences.

The Café de France had previously had a bar licence, but its former tenants had taken the licence with them… to the bar they bought in the village’s central square. That bar already had a licence 4.

That means they hold both bar licences that the village is allowed. Clever of them, huh?

We could buy a licence from another village of 400 people with no bar, at a cost of 22,500€. We didn’t think we had much choice, so we simply factored it into our set-up costs.

“We’ve been consoling ourselves this week on a trip back to the south west to view alternative properties”

But the emotional rollercoaster we’ve been on for the past seven months is now over. Our UK house sale is taking longer than we hoped and someone else has nipped in before us and signed on the dotted line.

However, we’ve been consoling ourselves this week on a trip back to the south west to view alternative properties. More about that soon – but let’s just say, the dream is still alive.

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18 thoughts on “Right place: wrong time

  1. Ah well…there is always… a chance…in another…. town..another place…another chance!
    I will keep my fingers crossed.. that you will find somewhere …soon… x

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  2. Never stop dreaming! You’ll see you’ll find another place soon.

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  3. indeed there is always another chance. There are plenty of those around here too many city center businesses close and open new ones. The area of Mauberge, Quesnoy in the Nord is worse situation i Know from family nearby. Cheers

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  4. Great post 😁

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  5. Interesting to read the real life roller coaster of buying a property, getting the licence etc. It somehow has a touch of the “Clochemerle” about it, with the previous owners nabbing the licence and grabbing a prime position in the square too! (not that I’m suggesting your purchase would bear any resemblance to a pissoir!). Clearly not meant to be – sorry to hear your dream on this was hasn’t ripened, and guess you’re left with feelings of energy expended, hopes unfulfilled, disappointment. But there’s a whole lot more space now for your dream to explore, and having driven through so many charming small Dordogne villages in September, I had several ephemeral dreams about properties we passed along the way….!
    Go make your dream real, and bonne chance!

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  6. There is a better place to fulfill your dream. I am sure of it. Sometimes we need to spin our wheels to find it. I wish y’all the best. Beginning with a lovely time down south.

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  7. Maybe the Café de France has helped you better visualize exactly what you will and won’t be looking for in your own place. That could change the title of today’s post to “Wrong place: right time”. Keep up the good work and we’ll be waiting for your post “We found it!”

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  8. Sorry to hear this Graham, you must both be so disappointed.
    I’m sure that something even better is on the horizon.

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  9. So sorry to hear there will be other. Keep looking a better property will come along with a wow factor I am sure. If you want any help from Paul and I just ask we will keep an eye open for suitable properties for you.

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