French property interior

Property hunting: all in the detail

One of the best bits of property hunting is the worst bits – the agents’ details. We’re visiting properties in the Lot valley this week and we’re having a hoot.

It’s as though the owners know nothing about buying or selling a property and the estate agents are too embarrassed to pass on any tips.

I work in communications, so I’d like to think I know something about what attracts people. And what makes their eyes bleed.

Like this, for example.

French bar interior

Of course, you have to look beyond the current owner’s décor to see how a property could work for you.

Sometimes people don’t make it easy for you to do that, though. Such as here.

French property interior

Things aren’t made easier when you are looking at inheritance properties. The relatives of the former owners haven’t cleared them out – and probably won’t until they have a buyer.

We went to one where the children who had inherited the property were at odds over what to do with it. The brother wanted to sell and happily showed us around, while his sister emptied drawers onto any available surface to make the place even less attractive.

She needn’t have bothered – we knew even as we stepped over the threshold that it wasn’t for us.

“Beneath the cluttered chaos and the décor disasters, we’ve seen some good places this week”

My favourites are the ones where the owners have been fashion-conscious at some point in the building’s history. Sadly, in so many cases, it appears to have been in the 1970s.

French property interior

But beneath the cluttered chaos and the décor disasters, we’ve seen some good places this week.

Nothing quite prepared us for this discovery in the kitchen of one restaurant we looked at, mind.

French restaurant kitchen

We’ve chosen not to buy that property. Remind me never to eat there either!

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14 thoughts on “Property hunting: all in the detail

  1. My goodness, so funny. We had similar experiences when buying our home.

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  2. Mmmmmmm..who ate all da pies?


  3. ..Barry!


  4. Brought back happy (?!) memories of searching for our French home. Our estate agent was quite shocked when I described the house, we eventually bought, as ‘fatiguée’!!

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  5. Yes indeed buyer beware is a must here. older properties need experts advice not realtors immo agents and ask the notary on the property ,he knows the history! Best of luck!

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  6. Very amusing. I hope you find what you are looking for: perhaps a diamond in the rough will appear!

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  7. Amusing, indeed!

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  8. My French belle-fille in Texas who works in real estate with French ex-pats might be amused/horrified to read your post – I’ll send her a link! Meanwhile, all that decor….all those pies…..and all that experience now under your belt. Keep searching!

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