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Property hunting: the luxury of choice

Last week’s property hunting in south-west France proved even better than we might have imagined. We now have not one, but two properties in the running.

The first is in a medieval town in the Lot valley. (Forgive me if I don’t say exactly where at this stage.)

The building has lots of the things we are looking for in our future business and home:

  • Commercial space
  • Outside space, front and back
  • Room to run food experience breaks
  • Three guest bedrooms
  • Accommodation for us

The commercial space was a tea room before, but it seems to have been run as a hobby. Then the owner fell pregnant – and, understandably, her new-born baby is now her top priority.

Property 1 commercial space

Her husband works in Cahors and wants to live there too, hence the building is up for sale.

What it means for us is that she has done all the hard work in terms of renovation. There’s some wasted space at the back of the café/bar, but that’s a relatively small job to change.

That lilac has to go too.

Upstairs there’s a lovely large salon and kitchen, which we would ideal for hosting foodie weekend breaks. There, we would work with guests to make dishes using ingredients they had bought in the market…

Property 1 salon

On the second floor, there are three decent-sized bedrooms. One already has an en-suite shower room, while the main bathroom would need reconfiguring to make two smaller en-suite bathrooms for other bedrooms.

The attic has been converted into a large space that we could live in. There’s a bedroom, a bathroom and a large open space we could use as an open-plan kitchen/diner/living room.

Property 1 attic

The town itself is well known and there are several restaurants and hotels there. Even on a rainy winter’s day, people were around.

In fact, there was an art exhibition on down the road. It appeared to have drawn in exactly the kind of people who might just fancy a plate of cheese and a glass of wine…

“There was a second property we liked – ironically, one that we had thrown into the mix to fill our day”

The property was the first one we saw on our trip. On paper it was our front runner and we were delighted when it proved to be so good.

Interestingly, there was a second property we also liked – ironically, one that we had arranged to see primarily to fill our day… More about that next week.

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20 thoughts on “Property hunting: the luxury of choice

  1. I like the exposed beam ceiling! What do you think of it?


  2. What a beautiful fireplace! Hope it all works out for you guys this time…

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  3. Exciting! Good luck with your search.

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  4. Looks/sounds very promising indeed. Fingers crossed. Yes, get rid of the lilac! Good luck….

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  5. This is looking more promising! Whoop de do!

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  6. That looks perfect. I agree about the lilac!
    Hope all goes well with the formalities.

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  7. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the second property. I must admit I spent (waste) far too much time looking at property on line. I still look in our area of France, even though we have a house already and also in Brighton and Hove for when we downsize 😂


    • We have just sold our house in Brighton to be able to embark on this adventure. I have actually had to ask estate agents to stop sending me so many random properties. I have had more “character cottages on the edge of a village” arrive in my inbox than I would ever wish to see.


  8. Looks perfect

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  9. Hey Graham, so excited to learn more about your adventures. With that in mind, I’m hoping you could shoot me a note when you have a moment – the last addresses you and I caught up on are clearly out of date 🙂 Thanks Janelle.

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  11. Hmmm….now why am I more drawn to the one you saw last week? But that’s just me, based on the pics….and it’s all down to you and where you feel right. So what do I know? Opinion based on the “feel” of what I pick up from what you write, the pics you’ve shown, so dismiss this as my own ramblings, good luck and go with the path of heart for you. Somewhere inside you already know which is the one to go for.

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