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The franco-files: talking shop

A chance to talk about myself without being interrupted? That’s an offer I don’t get often – and one I couldn’t say no to.

I was approached by Janelle from the Distant Francophile blog to be interviewed for her new Franco-Files series. In it, she asks fellow lovers of France to share their stories.

Although I’m usually happy to talk, the truth is I hate being interviewed. Fortunately, talking to Janelle wasn’t like a job interview – there were no presentations, no psychometric tests and no butterflies in the stomach.

In fact, it was like talking to an old friend, which isn’t surprising as Janelle and I know each other well. We’ve been following each other since we both started blogging.

We’ve blogged for years about all things French – mostly from afar. Janelle lives in Australia and, when I started blogging, I was in the UK.

It’s amazing to think that I’ve been living in France almost two years now. (It’s also pretty astounding to realise today that this is my 600th blog post.)

Janelle had given me a good indication beforehand of what she was likely to ask me about, and I’d listened to a couple of the other interviews beforehand.

I knew she’d want to know where and when I fell in love with France and about my experience of speaking the language and property hunting. She was also keen to hear how I keep a touch of France with me even when I’m away.

What set me apart from her other interviewees, she told me, is that I’ve taken courses in French wine. As regular readers will know, I am working towards opening a cheese-and-wine bar in Belvès, in Dordogne, with my partner next year.

Friends told me I didn’t need the qualifications, but the formal recognition they bring has helped me talk about wine with more confidence. In a couple of weeks, I’ll take a(nother) cheese course too.

“It wasn’t like a job interview – there were no presentations, no psychometric tests and no butterflies in the stomach”

Janelle and I chatted via Skype and she edited our conversation into just under half an hour of audio. She shared a copy of it with me before publishing.

I’ve heard myself speak before and seen myself interviewed on film, so I didn’t find it too cringeworthy.

If you fancy hearing what I sound like, head on over to my Franco-Files interview.

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14 thoughts on “The franco-files: talking shop

  1. It’s an entertaining listen… and you sound enthusiastic and genuine….. a fab performance…

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  2. Congrats for the 600 and interview ! Salut

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  3. Interesting post Graham. I’ve been interviewed by journos live on air for local & national radio, full of butterflies, but all experiences turned out to be good. If you know your stuff (and you do) & speak from the heart the butterflies fly in formation. Will catch up & listen next week. Right now gearing up to sing 18 songs with 300 strong Rock Choir at Liverpool Philharmonic this evening, so working on the butterflies right now….!

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  4. Well done!

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  5. It was fun hearing your voice! You have an image of what someone might sound like..and the real thing is sometimes different.

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  6. Hi Graham, Congratulations on your 600th post – I’m honoured to have played a part in it! And thanks again for sharing so many tips on The Franco-Files – I’m very grateful.

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  7. Great post 🙂

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